Why de-cluttering can calm your mind


I give you a challenge. I want you to declutter one part of your life. I suggested starting at the underwear drawer.

How many grey old ill-fitting bras and the wrong sized knickers/jocks do we actually need?

Then start on one other small part of your life, maybe your handbag, medicine cupboard, 3rd drawer down (usually known as the ‘shit’ drawer.) It goes to show that this is a hot topic at the moment, as two of the highest selling books on Amazon are about tidying up, the Konmari method is a fabulous way to de-clutter, or Oprah talks about it a lot with heaps of YouTube clips to check out.

My house isn’t tidy, I’m not a huge fan of excessive housework, but things are clean and when we need to tidy, it’s easy, because we have put into place areas for everything.

It takes the three of us ten minutes to tidy our house.

One of the reasons my house isn’t tidy is that the kids seem to have a lot of projects on the go, and they like to come back to them periodically, which means that I have to let things flow a little sometimes. Currently, my son is dead keen on drawing and cutting out his favourite characters from a game he plays, and they are everywhere, they even sleep and eat next to him.

My daughter reads a different book in different rooms, no problem, just let it flow.

I am a huge fan of having a box for charity at all times. Then when we have grown out of something, it goes straight into the box after a wash and it doesn’t clutter up our rooms.

We use the library a lot and any books that I buy, I pass onto whoever would like them.

I know that my mind does go a little bananas when I can’t walk across the floor and I can’t see any table tops, then we need to have a little chat about respecting each others spaces. This is why we need to declutter and we go into this in greater depth in the upcoming 5 weeks online ‘How To Create A Relaxed Home’ program.

The space around us can represent what is going on in our minds. As we have spoken about in previously, we don’t need to keep the crap that we have been collecting from our past and storing it if it isn’t useful for our lives RIGHT NOW.

When we have clear spaces around us, it can give us space for the things that really matter.

Would you prefer to spend your day dusting all of those trinkets or reading your favourite book?

Would you prefer to spend the night ironing the clothes that just hang in your closet and you don’t wear, or watching a hilarious movie with your friends and family?

Would  you prefer to be picking up hundreds of toys on the floor, or spending quality time with one or two toys?

Toy libraries are the bomb. Depending on what policy your local toy library has, you usually get to rent out a couple of toys each month and then give them back. Cool hey? I loved using it to give me ideas for Christmas presents. I let my children choose what they wanted without any comment from me, it really amazed me what they wanted.

There are many ways to declutter and then to keep things tidy. One of the best  advice I got when things seem to be too overwhelming, is to start at the door, turn left and start at the top, don’t look at anything else, just start there, it’s amazing how much you get through. As I have mentioned previously, it’s incredibly difficult to keep doing something, unless you enjoy it.

Now I don’t expect you to be in love with cleaning, but we can make it easier, my family like to turn up the volume on the tunes. Another way to make things a little easier is to be mindful when we are cleaning. Bring all of your attention to it. When I am mopping, I think about who and what I can be grateful for; who made the mop? I am grateful I have a house and floors to clean. Who make the floor cleaner and who put it on the shelves of the supermarket? I am grateful that I have hot, hot water to clean with.

Here’s a post I wrote on 10 tips to de-clutter + 10 tips to keep it tidy.

10 tips on decluttering and keeping it tidy

So, how can de-cluttering help calm out minds?

For one thing, you have more time to sit and rest, you’re not constantly moving things around, cleaning them, buying them, working to pay them off etc.

You can spend some time sitting. Sitting and relaxing.

Then you may realise that you have more clutter in your mind than you had in your house.

This clutter in your mind can be pretty useless stuff. It’s stuff from the past that’s been bothering you for a while, or perhaps anxious thoughts about what may or may not happen in the future.

Not many thoughts are actually from the present moment, who is where we need to be. Why?

Because if we miss each minute of our lives when our heads are stuck in the past, or thinking about the future, we miss what is happening in front of us. We miss life. Then we get to the end of the year, and say to ourselves;

“where did that year go?”

Well, it passed you by, because you weren’t even mentally there, you were in the past or the future.

So how do we calm our minds and be in the present moment?

There’s a past, present, future meditation that can be downloaded here, that helps a lot with this situation. This is one of the main ones I use in my workshops, as it seems to really help people put their thoughts into place.
Click Here to Download


The other thing we can do is focus on our breath.

If you find that your thoughts are all over the place, stop for a few seconds and listen to your breath. Look around you, look and listen to who’s in front of you, feel the breeze, feel what’s under your feet. Take note of the ‘right now’ There’s fabulous small book called ‘The Precious Present’ by Spencer Johnson, which is a fabulous read, it only takes a few minutes, but it’s something I give out as a present frequently, I really recommend finding it

How did you go?

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