Which meditation is best for you?


You know how good meditation is for you so you go to a class and they start chanting. WTF right? Isn’t meditation meant to be calming and quiet? Well, yes, but that depends on which type of meditation you want to do.

Here’s your quick guide to the most popular ones, there are more, let me know in the comments below which ones you LOVE or if you want to find out about more, I’m always happy to help.

Guided mediation

This is where a person guides you through a relaxation using mental imagery and spoken word. I love to teach this at the end of my Yoga sessions and as longer sessions by themselves. Peeps tell me that they love just listening to my voice to help allow their minds to be directed. This type of meditation gives you a deep sense of relaxation and can be used to help overcome anxiety and fears. It has had enormous benefits for soldiers coming back from wars suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Mindful meditation

I’m actually starting a 5 week course on this today; I’m super excited about it. Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz word at the moment. It’s meditation focussing on the breath and learning how to detach yourself from your thoughts. I find this enormously helpful to relax and get to sleep, especially if I have a problem and it’s just keeps going around and around in my head.

This meditation is a great way of creating self-acceptance and long lasting happiness.


Mantra meditation

A Mantra is a word or a series of words. They are repeated over and over to allow the mind to focus. If my mind is really busy, I find this really useful, used with a breathing meditation to chill. This is said to reduce anxiety and depression and is very soothing; think chanting monks or prayer.


Kundalini Meditation

I was a little wary of this one, as we can be of something we don’t know too much about, so I decided I needed to know more to have an informed opinion of it. I did a few classes and really enjoyed them. Kundalini meditation is a combination of Mantra, Mudra (Yogic hand positions) and quick breathing techniques and sometimes movement.

Breathing Meditation

This is my standard way of calming my mind. In Yoga we call the breath, Prana and controlling the breath is Pranayama. Meditation with the breath keeps you in the present moment and you always have your breath, so you can meditate anywhere. I love it. It creates a calm mind and a peaceful attitude. It allows the oxygen to flow freely through-out your body, allowing it to feel refreshed and alert.

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