What’s Yoga All About?

Yoga isn’t all about tight pants, bendy bodies and trying to hold your farts in.

The poses (asanas) are only one-eighth of what the yogic lifestyle is all about.

Did you ever wonder why yogis are all calm and zen?

The poses DO help us detox our bodies, keep physically balanced and healthy, but there is so much more to it.

Here’s a quick rundown.

Yoga is over 6000 years old, (not a passing fad,) hence the strange names, it’s called ‘Sanskrit,’ an ancient Indian language, so each pose, each part of yoga, has a Sanskrit name, but I’ll translate for you.

The most recognised part of Yoga is the ‘Asanas’. These are the poses, there are many, each with a Sanskrit name.

When we focus on different breathing techniques, it’s called Pranayama, and as with the poses, there are hundreds of different breathing techniques.

Meditation can be called Dharana. This helps to cultivate an inner perceptual awareness.

You may have heard the term ‘Mindfulness’ being thrown around a lot lately, its a bit of a buzz word currently. Yogis practice this through Pratyahara, which means controlling the senses.

When we put the previous two together and understand we are only a small part of the whole big wide world, we practice Dhyana, a devotion and meditation to a higher source.

Then come the lifestyle decisions.

The Yamas (morality) and Niyama (positive observances/rules) are a way to bring ‘yoga’ into your everyday life.

Both the Yamas and Niyamas are constructed with five parts.

The Yamas have;

1. Compassion for all things – Ahimsa.

2. Commitment to truthfulness – Satya.

3. Non-stealing of the physical, emotional and mental- Asteya

4. Respectful sexual behaviour – Brahmacharya

5. Minimalism – Aparigraha

The Niyamas are;

1. Purity inside and outside – Sauca

2. Contentment with what we have – Santosa

3. Disciplined use of our energy – Tapas
4. Self-study – Svadhyaya

5. Celebration of the spiritual – Isvarapranidhana

The final step in the eightfold philosophy of Yoga is Samadhi.

Samadhi means “to bring together, to merge.”

If we do our best to practise all of the above, we get the gift of Samadhi.

Sometimes see pictures of yogis levitating during meditation…this is Samadhi, complete and utter pure joy.

You may have experienced this during an orgasm?

Complete release of the physical body and the mind only in present moment consciousness.

Where the body is so healthy and free from pain, that we don’t even feel it anymore, hence the pictures of the body floating.

We can be in complete control of the mind and where it goes.

Can you see if we put all of these ideals into place, we can create a beautifully zen lifestyle.

Victoria Yuen

Author: Victoria Yuen

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