Calm Kids.

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Calm Kids.

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We are bringing up our kids in such an intense world, it's no wonder they get overwhelmed and loose it sometimes.
And when they loose it, we try REALLY hard to be the parent and keep our own calm, but it's really tricky, right?
Let's have a chat about how we can give our kids a calmer way to live, therefore making OUR job easier and the whole family situation more of a fun and relaxed place to enjoy.
I will give you tips and techniques for YOU too.
" I met Victoria many years ago when we were both at a women's well being day. She is a yoga teacher and a passionate advocate for calmness like myself. In her uniquely lighthearted, sometimes cheeky way she has written a delightful book to help tame the stressed out grown-ups who struggle in our chaotic world.
Her techniques have helped lots of people - and children - get more sleep and live healthier lives.
Maggie Dent Author, Parenting & Resilience Educator.

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