Calm Kids Workshops


Hi there concerned parent,

firstly I want you to give yourself a pat on the back for doing such a great job.

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t passionate about giving your child THE best start in life.

Sometimes it’s easier to be a crappy parent than a good one…

sometimes it’s easier to lose it completely than be the bigger person and be patient and calm.

How do I know this about you?

Because I’m the same.

It has taken me practice to be a calm and patient parent, because it isn’t my default and it wasn’t the way I was brought up.

I’m here to shortcut this process for you and give you the background steps to prevent the meltdowns AND the techniques to calm if disaster does hit.

There are two recordings. The first one shows you how to prevent the meltdowns; the next recording gives you strategies to use if a melt-down occurs.

Price: $17.00

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Calm Kids.

We are bringing up our kids in such an intense world, it’s no wonder they get overwhelmed and loose it sometimes.
And when they loose it, we try REALLY hard to be the parent and keep our own calm, but it’s really tricky, right?
Let’s have a chat about how we can give our kids a calmer way to live, therefore making OUR job easier and the whole family situation more of a fun and relaxed place to enjoy.
I will give you tips and techniques for YOU too.
” I met Victoria many years ago when we were both at a women’s well being day. She is a yoga teacher and a passionate advocate for calmness like myself. In her uniquely lighthearted, sometimes cheeky way she has written a delightful book to help tame the stressed out grown-ups who struggle in our chaotic world.
Her techniques have helped lots of people – and children – get more sleep and live healthier lives.
Maggie Dent Author, Parenting & Resilience Educator.

Click here for tickets:

Price: $20.00

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Get a good night sleep. Home online program

It’s 3 am and you’re awake again.

Your tossing and turning, you’re uncomfortable.

Your mind won’t shut up.

I can help you.

I have developed a 3-week sleep program.

In this program, you will learn how to;

  • stop your racing thoughts,
  • prepare your body for rest,
  • set yourself up for continual sleep throughout the night,
  • relax your body and mind to get optimum sleep.

Over 3 weeks, I will email you 6, easy to fit into your life, 15-minute videos.

Together we will help you get a great nights sleep.

NB: Sometimes little critters get into my payment system, if you are having trouble here, please head over to my Etsy shop. Thanking you so much!


Price: $25.00

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How To Create A Relaxed Home. 5 Week Home Program

Congratulations beautiful!

You have made an awesome decision to improve your life.

You and I will start our journey to build a healthier, more relaxed home for you on the 22nd of October!

Together, we are going to de-clutter your home and your mind.

We are going to dive deeply into communicating with love, with your family and yourself and I will teach you how to meditate and we are going to set up a time and place for this to become a regular practice. There is so much evidence to support this simple, yet powerful technique of stress management, it is really going to improve so many areas of your life.

It will look like this:

Week 1. De-clutter your home

Week 2. Create more self-love in your life.

Week 3. Learn how to meditate and create mindfulness.

Week 4. Mindfully eating and weight management.

Week 5. Making it fit into YOUR life.

  • You will have the chance to do the program within the 5 weeks, or do it in your own time.
  • An email will be sent to you each week with a video on the topic and worksheets.
  • The program will include visual, downloadable, readable, practical and audio content to cater for all of your learning needs.
  • the amazing bonuses include: a resource list, interviews with experts in their field, downloadable meditations for adults and children, PDF’s to complete to build a sense of accomplishment.
  • A Home Retreat Kit Downloadable PDF if you haven’t already got it
  • A yummy healthy 7 day recipe book
  • a hashtag for Instagram posts
  • email access to me during the entirety of the course to ask questions and comment.
  • bonus 7 days of ‘yoga for beginners’ videos
  • bonus Yoga Nidra guided meditation
  • A certificate of completion

WOW! I’m super excited to bring all of this amazing information to you.

With love and light,

Victoria x


Price: $149.00

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Relax Retreat – 22nd of Jan 2017

After the success of our last retreat, we are opening the doors again to a wonderful day of rejuvenation, education, and relaxation at Alchemy Body and Soul in Yallingup.

You hosts will be Victoria Yuen, Victoria Martin, and Tricia Woods.

9.00 Arrive at the beautiful retreat centre at Alchemy with the sloping hill, leading to the tranquil Lake.

9.15 We will start talking about the different aspects of Yoga and how it can improve every part of your life, followed by a beginners Asana (poses) session. (no experience necessary, but if you DO have some knowledge of Yoga, Victoria is an experienced 500hr yoga/mindfulness/meditation teacher and can up-level you.)

10.15 Morning Tea.

10.30 Guided relaxing breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation.

11.00 Nutrition talk held by Victoria Martin, qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, with LOTS of yummy samples.

12.30 Delicious healthy lunch, made with the ingredients presented to you by Victoria Martin, seated overlooking the relaxing Lake.

1.30  Relaxing Restorative Yoga session with Victoria Yuen with large cushions and long holds. Followed by a Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation to induce deep relaxation.

2.45 Afternoon tea.

3.15 Chakra Dance with Tricia Woods. Realign your energy centres with this beautiful flow of movement to music.

5.00 Your day finishes with you feeling totally relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the next stage in your life.

There are only 14 places available for this next retreat.

What a wonderful Christmas present it would make for yourself or a friend.

>>Book here:<<

Price: $0.00

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Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness Class

Hi beautiful,

I’m so glad you have decided to unwind your body and relax your mind.

I am teaching at Cloud Nine Wellness Studio in Bunbury at 123 Spencer Street.

There’s a Friday 4.30 and a 6pm class, they go for 75 minutes each.

Mats, blocks, bolsters, pillows and eye pillows are supplied.

Please remember to bring your own blanket/shawl/cover so that when you take your blanket home and see it the next day, you can wrap yourself up and remember to breath and relax. It will become a very special part of your life.

I suggest securing your spot so you make the commitment to yourself to turn up and unwind. Balancing out your busy life is incredible important.

Click here to book your 5 week spot, or get 2 to secure a 10 week place. It’s $75 for 5 sessions.

If you would like to use the drop in rate, it’s $20 per session or $15 if you come with a friend.

When you have paid, please text me with your:

  1. name
  2. place e.g Bunbury
  3. preferred time e.g 4.30
  4. 5 or 10 weeks

and I will secure you place.

My number is 0429 881 233

I look forward to spending a precious time together with you,

Love Victoria x

Price: $75.00

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Will You Come To Bed With Me? Creating Mindful Moments With Your Family.


Will you come to bed with me?

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this sentence.

I teach people to relax. It seems that the gift that has been given to me is to send people to sleep. After teaching a Yoga class and giving my yogis a lovely down-time session, one of the first things people say is… ‘will you come to bed with me?’

I look at them sweetly and they suddenly realise what they have said, after they stop being all flustered, they tell me how much trouble they have falling asleep, or going back to sleep after waking at 3am, and they relax so easily with my voice.


I was once rung in the middle of the day by a stranger on the other side of the world who was suffering 3 days of jet lag, they had been told I could put them to sleep… yep, nighty nighty.

After teaching a class I would go home at night and my son would say ‘will you come to bed with me?’ We were still recovering from a very troublesome time since his birth, and we got into the habit of sleeping together, as he had to sleep upright, so I held onto him.

We all do what we have to do to get by, but times change and we don’t have to hold onto these habits, unless they continue to be what’s right for us at that particular moment. I have now taught him his own relaxation techniques, so he is comfortable sleeping by himself. He still has troubles waking up at night, and we are currently doing the exact techniques I am going to teach you. Here’s hoping it will set him up for the rest of his life, just as it has with my eldest.

So, will YOU come to bed with me?

Will you come into a safe, lovely, relaxed place and let go of all of the day’s tension and soften your body so that it drifts off into a peaceful dreamy place, giving you a full night’s blissful rest?

Or will you stay up late having rushed home to scoff down your dinner, have a few wines pretending to relax while you watch gut wrenching news and checking your accounts on your phone while acting as if you are listening to your kids read and do their homework?

Will you come to bed with your laptop and check emails one last time before settling down to sleep with a tired, tight, stressed-out and sore body, already thinking about the next day and having everyone in your head, from your boss, to the hairdresser, to the kids teacher, chatting to you?

Will you have found a way to eat at least 3 hours before bed, stop drinking and screen time an hour before bed, have no electronic equipment in the bedroom to disturb your sleep patterns, have a darkened room, and (hopefully) everything in order for the next day so it’s a peaceful morning?

Your body is relaxed and ready for sleep. The kids have done the same thing, because they will be following your lead, and they are already peacefully asleep, giving you and your partner some much needed cuddle time.

Is this laughable for you? Can I hear you gigglesnorting from here?

Let’s sort this life out before we realise that each day has passed and it’s exactly the same as the previous day, and suddenly you’ve had 20 years of crappy sleep deprived stressed days and nights, which turn into illness or disease, or already has.

Stress has been part of my everyday life for many years; I seem to be wired that way. You know those people that are all chilled and relaxed, you know, they sing in the shower and tell you to ‘just get over it’ when you’re suffering depression?

Well, I’m NOT one of them, I’m jealous of them.

I’m the person that people tell me to

‘stop thinking so much,’

‘stop analysing everything,’

‘stop being stressed, you’re making your baby worse.’

I had my first stress related operation when I was 10 months old, since then I have had so many, the specialist told me he can’t operate anymore and I’ll have to cope with it with morphine for the rest of my life. That was 7 years ago.

No-one ever bothered to tell me ‘how’ to stop thinking, or analysing or stressing.

Except for now, I’m going to tell you, because I’ve learnt how to.

It wasn’t an easy path for me and I want to help make it a little smoother for you. I’ll teach you to recognise your stress and what to do with it. I won’t be able to stop stressful situations coming up in your life, but I’ll give you the tools so you can choose how to react to that stress and how to help your kids deal with this ever increasing manic world that we live in.

I have taught hundreds of people, from all walks of life, and I know with these simple proven techniques that we will learn together, you will be able to create a calmer, happier life.

So when my specialist gave me that beautiful (not) piece of information, I had to have quite a bit of wine and it sent me into a dark place in my head for quite some time. I started to reassess ALL of my life at that stage. I realised that only I could change things if I wanted to. I can happily say that I haven’t been back to hospital since that appointment.

I’m going to give you a number of techniques that I have researched, trialled, failed, tried again, tweaked and changed to fit into a busy parent’s lifestyle.

(For more please purchase.)

Price: $19.95

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