Adults Muscle Relaxation

Good morning/afternoon/evening my friends!

Some of us have tight muscles, some have squishy muscles, we are all normal. Until we find a time that we don’t feel normal, it’s starting to hurt, you feel stiffer than yesterday and movement is becoming limited.

If you leave your body like this for an extended period of time, it WILL become normal, and you’ll find yourself saying things like,

“Oh, I’m just getting old.”

I wonder if it is the natural degeneration of your body, or if it’s something that you really need to look at?

Pain is your bodies wake up call. This is how we take care of ourselves before it turns into chronic pain.

Wouldn’t you like to live your life pain-free?

I’m all about prevention of pain and doing a regular muscle relaxation not only allows your body and mind to relax, but it allows you to know your body so well, that you can feel any subtle changes within your muscular system and you can do something about it before it becomes too painful.

I have got to the stage where I find myself saying in my head,

“OK body, what can I do for you?”

I expect ALOT from my body and my mind, and if we don’t all work together, then I can’t achieve┬áthe high goals I have for my families lives.

I enjoy doing this muscle relaxation (sometimes called body scan) regularly, but I also add in a quick one each day that you may like to try.

When I’m standing at the kitchen bench, I take a very quick scan from my feet up through my body and see where I can relax. For me, it’s usually my bum muscles and my shoulders.

How about you?

Here is a 10-minute long muscle relaxation for you, I hope you enjoy it.



With love and light,

Victoria x


Victoria Yuen

Author: Victoria Yuen

I LOVE to make people feel THE BEST that they can be!! I have devoted my life to this. I have had a lot of experience in the crappier side of life and have had to re-design my entire life, physically and mentally to live the life that I have now. I'm happy, healthy, fit and strong. Life is a learning journey and I am constantly looking for ways to improve my life and to help others do the same. I hope I can help you.xx


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