A 30 second calming technique

You know when you get so stuck in your head that it feels as though all of your thoughts are spinning?

You feel disconnected with everything,

your jumpy, agitated and flighty?

This 30-second calming technique is ‘grounding,’ it will help you become more present in the moment and out of your head.

Here’s a quick video of it and I’ll explain it a bit more underneath.

There are two parts to this breath, one to do on-the-go, and one to do when you have a little more time.

The above ‘grounding’ technique allows you to stop for a moment and mentally connect yourself with the Earth, from the sun, through your body, down into the earth.

This technique allows the body to calm and relax quickly. It takes your mind off anxious thoughts and gives you a feeling of being connected, instead of disconnected, or “off with the fairies.”

You will be able to concentrate more and connect with the people and places around you.

The next stage to the ‘grounding’ or as it’s sometimes called, ‘Earthing,’ is to physically go outside and feel the Earth under your bare feet. We are made up of atoms, just like the earth, trees, rocks, Sun, grass and sand are. When we connect with the other atoms in our environment, it gives us a sense of feeling complete.

We stop looking for material ‘things’ to make up the feeling of emptiness, and we start appreciating the smaller things in life more, the natural things.

When we see the joy of a flower bud opening or the warmth of the sand under our feet, we feel connected and can enjoy our precious life more.

I hope you get a chance to ground yourself today precious.

Love Victoria x

To schedule a time for you or your staff to relax, click here:

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